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At Advent, we have extensive experience in the generation of high quality research materials such as cell lines…

Adenoviruses are commonly used as efficient genetic vaccine vectors capable of letting the cell express several…

Vaccine manufacturing under cGMP conditions require a complex series of steps to ensure that the final product…

Advent has extensive experience in assay development. Our laboratory is able to develop and validate analytical…

Vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs must be held to the most stringent quality standards, and an efficient…

Quality Assurance has the scope to guarantee that medicinal products meet the requirements of authorized quality…

Compliance with regulatory guidelines is mandatory for drugs and vaccines meant for human use, but these guidelines…

About Us Advent

About Us

We are a world-class contract manufacturing organization focused on the development and manufacturing of investigational lots of adenovirus-based vaccines. We have several years of experience with human and non-human adenoviruses and have successfully released 100% of the lots we have manufactured.

About Us Advent
About Us Advent

Track Record

Our cGMP production facility is regularly audited by our customers and all applicable regulatory bodies including local authorities. We have consistently passed all such inspections, thanks to our robust quality system. This system…

About Us Advent


At Advent, we have a formidable team. If you are interested in joining a dynamic business and scientific environment and to submit your CV, please send an email to: or fill the form.

World AIDS Day
Today we remember and support #WorldAIDSDay. Medical research has seen amazing advances and milestones over the past few decades. Here at IRBM, we are proud to have played a major role in the discovery of Raltegravir (Isentress) while part of Merck & Co, for the treatment of #HIV-1 infection in combination with other antiretroviral agents.
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COVID-19 and vaccines. A race of three (plus two)

According to the World Health Organization, there are 48 vaccine candidates in clinical trials and 164, still in the pre-clinical testing phase. Let’s analyze efficacy, safety and timing of the three the protagonists of this race.

IRBM’s Advent announces manufacture of 13,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, for use in Phase 2/3 clinical trials by the University of Oxford

Pomezia, Italy - Advent Srl, an IRBM company and global leader in viral vector manufacturing, announces it has manufactured 13,000 doses of the novel Covid-19 vaccine candidate, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.

BBC came to film IRBM’s Advent GMP facility

Recently the BBC came to film IRBM’s Advent GMP facility and interview our Managing Director, Matteo Liguori about the manufacture of the Covid-19 vaccine...
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